The Hastings Business Law Journal is now accepting submissions for publication in Volume 14. The Journal carefully considers manuscripts written by members of the legal community on any subject related to business law. The Journal also welcomes formal or informal essays and comments, to be published on the soon-to-be Journal Online; and responses, to be posted alongside the online summary of the piece being responded to. Submissions for online publishing will also be considered for the next print issue at the discretion of the articles editor.  

Print submissions

Manuscripts should be submitted through ExpressO.  We no longer accept submissions by e-mail or postal service.

  • Format:  All submissions should be in word document form, Times New Roman double-spaced (except footnotes) 12-point font (10-point for footnotes), be accompanied by a cover letter and curriculum vitae, and be conformed to the latest version of The Bluebook.

  • Length: The Journal is committed to publishing work that is concise and readable.  We strongly encourage submissions of fewer than 25,000 words, including footnotes.  For submissions that exceed this limitation, length will be a factor that weighs significantly against acceptance of the manuscript.

  • Expedited Review:  In the event an author is presented with a deadline from another publication, please request expedited review of your submission via your author submission account on ExpressO.  We will make every effort to accommodate the request.  Expedited review, however, provides your piece with no competitive advantage in our process.

responsive Pieces

Follow the link directly next to the content you are responding to in order to submit your response.  

  • Length:  Responses should be no more than 3,000 words, including in-text citations.  If you wish to provide a longer manuscript, submit it to the Journal Online and indicate the piece you are responding to.
  • Format:  Refer to print format.  In-text citations. 

journal online

Email to submit an essay or comment for the Journal Online.

  • Length:  Essays and comments should be no longer than 6,000 words, including footnotes, preferably, but pieces of up to 10,000 words, including footnotes will be considered.
  • Format:  Refer to print format.  Online submissions should be lightly footnoted (5–10 footnotes per 800 words is appropriate).