Follow Up From Our First Meeting

Hi team,

Thanks for all the help getting through this past semester, it's been great building the foundation for our volume! Below are some notes, questions, etc. Please read through it all and complete the interactive sections.

Website: You're looking at it! We've switched over to the domain. Top priorities are filling out the past issues page, with your help, and I'll be working with a few of you to make the member portal as functional, helpful, and engaging as possible.

Team Website Task:
As I mentioned, I'm asking for your help to get the "Past Volumes" pages full of content. 

I want each of you to compile the article/note abstracts from two issues and a quick summary paragraph for each issue as a whole. See example link to the right.

It should not take longer than 30 minutes, if that. Follow the HeinOnline link (you'll have to login with your library info), find your assigned issues, copy and paste the abstracts and write a paragraph. 

Copy and paste those items into the form and submit by April 22nd, or sooner, please. Much of the current website development is to impress prospective members who will begin looking soon.

  1. Kaitlin: 9.3, 4.2
  2. Justin: 9.2, 4.1
  3. Andrew: 9.1, 5.2
  4. Kea: 10.2, 5.1
  5. Arshak: 10.1, 6.2
  6. Tiffany: 11.2, 6.1
  7. Mitch: 11.1, 7.2
  8. Matt R: 12.3, 7.1
  9. Matt W: 12.2, 8.2
  10. Rob: 12.1, 8.1

Senior Editors: Most have been selected, I'm still updating this. Let me know if you have any rising 3Ls who would like to join. Right now, we're only looking for production editors.


  1. David Pasca
  2. Jason Stenson
  3. Mike Warmington
  4. Natalie Harlacher
  5. Maddy Lough-Stevens
  6. Max Neiman
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. ?


  1. Chris O'Connell


  1. Cyrus Nazarian
  2. Sam Gutin
  3. Madeline Landry


  1. Brian Dinh
  2. Lucina Rios
  3. ?


  1. Nadine Ravani
  2. Kyle Hendricks
  3. ?


  1. Nirvesh Sikand
  2. Jacqueline Lien
  3. Marianne Lewis
Name *

Pro Bono Project: As we discussed, I want to explore developing a business-related pro bono project for HBLJ members.

  • Perhaps this is a one-day event; 
  • perhaps it is writing/editing a legal handbook for budding community businesses; 
  • perhaps its a research assignment database on our website for organizations, practitioners, faculty, or alumni to post discreet projects our members can complete and get hours for;
  • who knows, all ideas are welcome!

Fill out the form on the left if you are interested in being on the subcommittee/leading it. I'd like this to become a solid proposal by the time we have our orientation in August. The subcommittee should work on developing an idea, estimating expectations of member interest, assessing feasibility, and ensuring this doesn't detract from the editing and note writing process for 2Ls. It will be a voluntary aspect of HBLJ but we can work on incentives, e.g., giving office hours for service, but with a diminishing return so other tasks dependent on office hour contributions aren't neglected.


Still working on calendars. Bottom right is a link to the editing calendar document. Soon there will be a member calendar on this website we can polish and set in stone for the coming year. The editing schedule is organized by weekly assignments starting Monday, due Sunday. For the time being, peruse and let me know if anything looks absurd.

Production Execs: Please figure out a system to communicate with each other and discuss this calendar, as well as a proposed schedule to edit your portion of the handbook and when you will meet with your seniors prior to orientation.

Non-Production Execs: You can wait for me to make a proposed schedule for you to build off or start brainstorming on your own and send me something.

All Execs: By the end of May, I want rough schedules from each team. By the end of June, I want detailed schedules from each team, with deadlines we can hold each other to. By the end of July, we will have a final schedule.

P.S. - The idea of a fourth submissions issue is really no more than a castle in the sky, if that. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


More to come, but consider your role and your team's role in orientation with the 2Ls. Tentatively, I'm holding the first Saturday back to school, 8/26, as the date of orientation (as it was last year). It will be something like 11-3 followed by a happy hour.


Other things:

  • Here's a link to the current handbook and orientation powerpoint.
  • Consider points
    • orientation 
    • 2L involvement 
    • general plans for next year
    • team-specific and general ideas for using this website
    • changes for handbook, team specific

Upcoming Events:

  • Finals Over, 5/10
  • Wood's Island Club afternoon 5/27 @1pm
  • FDOC, 8/21
  • Tentative member orientation, 8/26

But here's a summary:

  • Task for website due by April 22, follow the links above. 
  • Check out the tentative senior positions and share your feelings with me.
  • Let me know if you have interest in developing the pro bono project.
  • Look at the tentative editing calendar if that affects you/you're interested.
  • Come up with a rough schedule for your team by the end of May.
  • Look at other things to the right and events to keep your eye on.
  • Always feel free/entitled to reach out to me. My time is yours.

Lots of love,