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The Hastings Business Law Journal ("HBLJ") is open to all University of California Hastings College of the Law students beyond their first year. HBLJ is an entirely student-run journal that seeks to publish cutting-edge legal scholarship addressing contemporary issues within business and commercial law.

In addition to selecting and editing articles for publication, HBLJ also sponsors an annual symposium, at which leading scholars and practitioners convene to discuss current issues in a specific area of law. HBLJ offers a distinct opportunity for law students to become directly involved with and influence legal scholarship. By contributing to HBLJ and reviewing the work of authors and fellow students, editors assume an important role in guiding business law discourse. In doing so, editors also gain valuable experience in editing, critical analysis, and substantive writing skills.

Volume 13:  The current volume is headed by Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Abdolhosseini, with the help of her hard-working team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being on HBLJ?

HBLJ is a great opportunity to take part in an academic tradition that is important both to the University of California Hastings College of the Law and to the legal community at large. Students get the chance to work closely with faculty and the administration, offering insight into the academic process and allowing students to get to know the faculty more personally. Additionally, HBLJ allows you to meet and work closely with students both in your own class and in the class ahead of you. For these reasons, many students find membership on the HBLJ to be a fun and extremely rewarding extracurricular activity.

Being on HBLJ is also an excellent learning experience. Writing a Note will provide you with expertise in a specific area of law. It will also provide you with a unique opportunity to interact with a faculty member of your choice, and will help you hone your editorial and analytical skills. Also, having a Note published is an outstanding academic achievement, particularly for those who would like to clerk for a judge or are interested in academia.

To learn more about being a HBLJ member, please stop by our office located on the 23rd floor of McAllister Tower or contact us here.

How can I join HBLJ?

Staff editors are selected at the end of their first year through the annual write-on competition, a blind-graded exercise that tests candidates on their editing skills and legal writing ability. The competition is held annually after the completion of the spring semester for rising second-year students and in the beginning of the fall semester for transfer students. During the competition, applicants complete a legal research memorandum and submit an optional personal statement. Although not determinative, grades and past experience may be considered. Successful continuing student applicants will be notified over the summer and begin membership duties in the Fall semester. Successful transfer student applicants will be notified in August and start membership duties immediately. Find more information about the write-on competition here.

How can transfer students become members of HBLJ?

Transfer students are selected based on an annual write-on competition for those who transferred after their 1L year. The transfer write-on competition begins in July. Find more information about the write-on competition here.